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The Spy Ego Media LLC Team has implemented projects across the United States and across the Globe for several decades. We have completed and worked with some of the most recognizable multi-national organizations to our biggest client base, Native American Indian Tribes.

With security clearances, our team members have also worked on cleared projects for the United States Government and non-government projects that required special care and attention with privacy and confidentiality being a core requirement.

Some Lead Projects Include:

Large Northern California Tribe

Four communications towers deployed with an additional six communication poles for microwave backhauls, a data center buildout, EOC build-out, and

Large Northern California Indian Tribe

Complete IT Managed Remote and Onsite Services for Administration, Health Services, Housing, Police, HeadStart and ChildCare, NRD and Roads - $675,000 over three years

Large Northern California Tribe

Communications/Cell Tower and Wired/Wireless Broadband build-out across the tribe and local community -$5.1million (one year deployment)

Large tribe in Kansas

Full Migration to Managed Hybrid Cloud - all enterprise services and internal software platforms

Large tribe in Oklahoma

Initialization, configuration, and deployment of broadband backhaul for tribal Internet Service Provider Tier-1 link

Large Tribe in Montana

Reservation and local Area wide broadband feasibility study for all tribal residents, tribal services, and future expansions - $50,000 (completed in two months)

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